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Compressive Microvibration
(Endosphere therapy)

وأوضح التقنية
This revolutionary skincare device, complete with a range of base creams and active ingredients, offers a customised skincare routine in one product. Designed with every skincare concern in mind, the innovative Lesielle device allows us to create the perfect skincare that is tailored specifically to your skin concerns – quickly and easily

It's like having a skincare laboratory at 3D Lipo Brighton allowing us to create the perfect combination, answer a few questions or by using our facial analysis service we can create the unique formula for your skin needs.... Even better you can even have the Lesielle Skin Device at home!

Compressive Microvibration Treatment Areas

microvibration model
Treatment Actions
Remodelling endo
Muscle endo
Oxygenation endo
draining endo
vascuala endo

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Compressive Microvibration and your Lymphatic System

Before delving into the benefits of Compressive Microvibration, let's briefly understand the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a network of vessels and nodes that carries lymph fluid throughout the body. It plays a crucial role in filtering toxins, removing waste, and fighting infections. However, unlike the circulatory system with the heart as its pump, the lymphatic system relies on external factors, such as movement and muscle contractions, to circulate lymph fluid effectively.


Role of Lymphatic Drainage:

Lymphatic drainage is the process by which excess fluid, toxins, and waste products are removed from tissues and transported back into the bloodstream for elimination. It helps maintain fluid balance, reduces swelling, and supports immune function. When the lymphatic system is functioning optimally, it boosts overall health and well-being.


How Compressive Microvibration Enhances Lymphatic Drainage:

Compressive Microvibration utilizes gentle, rhythmic mechanical vibrations to stimulate and enhance lymphatic drainage. Here are some key ways this innovative technique benefits the lymphatic system:


1. Accelerated Lymph Flow: The rhythmic vibrations created by Compressive Microvibration stimulate the movement of lymph fluid, encouraging a more efficient flow. This increased flow helps remove toxins, metabolic waste, and excess fluid from the tissues, reducing swelling and promoting detoxification.


2. Stimulates Lymphatic Pumping: Compressive Microvibration acts as an external pump, replicating the natural contractions and movements that propel lymph fluid through the lymphatic vessels. These vibrations stimulate the lymphatic vessels, enhancing their contractility and facilitating the drainage process.


3. Breaks up Lymphatic Blockages: Congestion or blockages in the lymphatic system can impede proper lymphatic drainage. Compressive Microvibration, with its gentle vibrations, helps break up these blockages, allowing lymph fluid to flow freely and promoting a healthier lymphatic system.


4. Supports Immune Function: A healthier lymphatic system means a stronger immune system. By enhancing lymphatic drainage, Compressive Microvibration helps remove infectious agents, toxins, and waste products more efficiently, supporting the body's immune response and defense against illnesses.


5. Reduces Swelling and Enhances Healing: Swelling, often caused by excessive fluid retention, can be alleviated by improving lymphatic drainage. Compressive Microvibration aids in reducing swelling in affected areas, facilitating faster healing and recovery from injuries or surgeries.

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