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Introducing Lesielle, the first Technology Personalised Cosmeceuticals (TPC) brand on the market, offering a brand new skincare concept with a completely personalised approach to your ever-evolving skin needs.
This revolutionary skincare device, complete with a range of base creams and active ingredients, offers a customised skincare routine in one product. Designed with every skincare concern in mind, the innovative Lesielle device allows us to create the perfect skincare that is tailored specifically to your skin concerns – quickly and easily

It's like having a skincare laboratory at 3D Lipo Brighton allowing us to create the perfect combination, answer a few questions or by using our facial analysis service we can create the unique formula for your skin needs.... Even better you can even have the Lesielle Skin Device at home!

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Just got better!

We are exclusively stocking Lesielle at 3D Lipo Brighton and are proud to be one of the first clinics to offer this revolutionary treatment in the UK. Lesielle can be purchased here or collected at our clinic in Hove or Eastbourne

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New Combination Possibilities

Lesielle allows you to create new combination possibilities of actives which are not possible in pre-mixed products by only combining ingredients at the moment of use uniquely measured for your skin that day, the instant ability to combine multiple ingredients and mix and dispense is a game changer in your skin care routine and will allow us to give you facials even more unique to your skin

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One Device, Infinite Combinations

The Lesielle S skin care device is your all-in-one skin care savior. The first device to let you produce fresh skin care products on demand, Lesielle S is a simple and minimalist solution to your skin’s evolving needs. Take control of your skin care with a device that’s as easy to use as it is effective. Discover and create the combination your skin’s been asking for, and adapt it any time.

In Clinic or In Home

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