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Non Invasive Lipoma Reduction & Removal

Lipoma Removal HIFU 3D Lipo Brighton

What Is Lipoma

Lipomas are a collection of fat cells which come together to form a fatty lump under the skin. These lumps of fat are benign and non-cancerous.  In the majority of cases, they are not painful or harmful. Lipomas can form anywhere on the body. Lipoma removal is not uncommon but can requite surgery, we offer an non surgical alternative.

3D HIFU is a non invasive, no surgical technology used to target specific focused areas of fat in the fastest possible treatment time. We have had great success with in-house clients that have used this treatment for the reduction in size of smaller Lipomas.


Whilst Lipoma is harmless it can be uncomfortable to the client and in some cases unsightly. Using the differing depths of HIFU cartridges we have available we have been able to reduce and in most cases remove Lipoma 'marbles' or 'balls' as we call them in our clients, completely.

The theory is simple, we assess the centre of the 'ball' to then give several shots of HIFU to break down the fatty substance that makes up the Lipoma.


The high frequency of the ultrasound wave results in heating under the skin, effectively destroying and creating trauma of the lipoma. The damaged cells are flushed away via a natural removal process through the lymphatic system that continues for up to 3 months.

The treatment is quick, non invasive with little to no discomfort with results improving over several weeks.

Do Check First

Lipoma removal is generally considered to be a cosmetic procedure, therefore your GP might not offer you lipoma removal on the NHS. However, we recommend all our clients visit their GP prior to a consultation with us to confirm that the lump is a lipoma and that it cannot be removed on the NHS.

Treatment Summary


Procedure time

From 10 Minutes


Full Recovery



Sensitivity Period

Little to None


Risk & Complications

Possible Redness and Numbness


Back To Work






Visibile Results

After 4-8 Weeks*


Duration Of Results

Long Term Results

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