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3D Facial Analysis with

Artificial Intelligence

face analyser_edited.jpg

How It Works?

Our Facial Analyser with use a 28 Million Pixel Camera to picture your face allowing us to take a much more in-depth look at you and what is going on..underneath, you will be amazed at what we can show you!

Sebum, Pores, Acne, Wrinkles, Complexion, UV Spots, UV Water, Pigmentation, Sensitivity, Pimples, Metals, Porphyrin, Collagen and Colour Spots are all made visible allowing us to take an in-depth look to best treat your skin and advise your lifestyle choice.

Our cloud based technology allows you to take your report home via your smart phone and as you have more facial analysis uploads the artificial intelligence guides us to guide you through the procedures best suited to your skin

3d Lipo Brighton facial analyser
3d Lipo Brighton facial analyser

Procedure time

10 Minutes


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