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Treatments For Men - A Personal Perspective

Stubborn pockets of fat getting you down, your body not doing what you think it can achieve? This section is written from the heart, I personally came across the 3D Lipo machines a few years ago at a clinic in London, originally from a Facebook post from some Facebook friend who had the Fat Freeze that I would later know to be known as cryolipolysis.

The machines back then were not as advanced as the ones we have at Brighton Lipo but the science was the same. I was advised walk rather than get the tube to the clinic, it was a little over a mile away and to drink lots of water. So I started a course of 8 cavitation treatments over 8 weeks, I was measured and weighed, 5 measurements were taken from the middle of my chest to just under my waist line and then I had my first cavitation treatment, the buzzing sound in my ear was weird but relaxing, time passed as the therapist worked the areas of my torso and when I came to put my jeans on.... I had gone down a notch already on my belt!

I looked forward to my next treatment to see what more could happen, by the 5th treatment the therapist and I decided to skip a week and have a 3D Cryo Freeze instead, that like I say in really basic terms is "turning your fat into a slush puppy and then you sweat and pee it out", I finished the course with my 8th treatment over the 9 weeks. I was happy with the compliments I was receiving from friends and I asked, can I just carry on with another course, so I did.  Whilst doing this, I changed my eating slightly, tried to be healthier, cut out the chocolate, walked more. When I was measured, and the 5 measurements had been added up.... I had lost SEVENTEEN INCHES, my waist had dropped 5 inches. 

I believe in 3D Lipo products and that is why Brighton Lipo has been set up so 'other guys' like me can see how easy it is to feel better about yourself.

For a slimmer you, Cavitation and cryolipolysisis the fastest way for you to loose the pounds, but why stop there, the technology will do so much more and I for one am looking forward to what else can be done. Body HIFU I have had on some areas and its remarkable what it can do, even on the leaner fitter clients its adding definition. Nearly all the treatments you see on this website are suitable for both ladies and gentlemen, if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us and we can tailor a package for you.

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