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Skinny Fat Dissolving Course

Skinny Bottle Brighton at 3D Lipo & Aesthetics is an alternative  fat dissolving injection which also helps with skin tightening. Lipolysis products can cause wrinkles given where it is administered. With The Skinny Bottle, it has been crafted to minimise these wrinkles, preserving skin elasticity.


Packed with cell growth factors, collagen promoters and antioxidants, it rejuvenates skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles


Skinny Bottle on Face

  • Create a smaller-looking face

  • Enhance elasticity to reduce sagging lines

  • Correct facial asymmetry

  • Improve a double chin & cheekbones

  • Improve facial contouring


Skinny Bottle on Body

  • Provide a liposuction alternative

  • Assist with weight loss diet-resistant individuals

  • Assit with weight loss

  • Target localised weight loss

  • Cater for those not benefiting from existing obesity procedures

Skinny Bottle should be taken as a course of 3-5 sessions, 4 weeks apart

Areas that can be treated by lemon bottle fat dissolving
Areas that can be treated by lemon bottle fat dissolving
Areas that can be treated by lemon bottle fat dissolving
Areas that can be treated by lemon bottle fat dissolving
Areas that can be treated by lemon bottle fat dissolving
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Treatment Summary


Procedure time

Up To 30 Minutes
Per Treatment


Full Recovery



Back To Work






Sensitivity Period

Up To 2 Hours


Visibile Results

From 48 Hours*


Risk & Complications

Duration Of Results

Possible Redness and Numbness

Long Term Results

Skinny Bottle should be taken as a course of 3-5 sessions, 4 weeks apart

How does Skinny Bottle work?


Skinny Bottle is a form of lipolysis treatment. ‘Lipolysis’ means the breakdown of fats by a process called hydrolysis, a term which covers the release of fatty acids. This is why you’ll often find the terminology ‘melting’ or ‘dissolving’ used to describe these types of treatments – as they physically destroy fat cells from the inside out through triggering natural chemical processes which occur organically within the body.


Like our other treatments, Skinny Bottle is not a weight loss solution – this is fat removal and destruction. Like with cryolipolysis Skinny Bottle is  best suited for people close to their ideal body shape and weight and for those who are maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regime, but are struggling with stubborn pockets of fat in certain areas.


Skinny Bottle’s solution is popular because it is highly effective and it’s comprised of natural active ingredients. These include:


  • Bromelain – Derived from pineapples, Bromelain is a powerful digestive enzyme which is often used in anti-obesity medications. It triggers fat breakdown whilst also having a powerful anti-inflammatory effect which reduces swelling and puffiness.

  • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) – Riboflavin plays an essential role in turning carbohydrates, proteins and fats into energy in the body. The body can’t store much of this water-soluble vitamin, but it is crucial for fat metabolism and oxidation.

  • Lecithin – A naturally derived fatty substance which attracts both water and fats – reducing cholesterol and maintaining healthy arteries, veins and blood vessels.

  • CarnitineA compound synthesised in the body from the amino acids lysine and methionine. It plays a crucial role in energy production by transporting fatty acids into the mitochondria, where they are oxidised to generate ATP, the body's primary energy currency. This process is particularly important during periods of high energy demand, such as exercise.

  • Papain - An exfoliating element to help remove dead cells and promote more radiant skin.

During treatment, Skinny Bottle’s advanced solution is injected into the fatty deposit area. It then gets to work under the skin, breaking down the stubborn fat wall before breaking down each fat cell, turning the fat into fatty acid, the unique combination of Skinny Bottle helps to also tighten the skin. The fatty acid is then taken care of by the body’s natural waste removal processes and will be flushed out of the body every time you urinate. This is why water intake needs to be at least two litres a day after treatment to help flush the fatty acid out quicker.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many treatments are recommended? 

This is dependant on the client but 3 to 5​

What Results Can I Expect from this treatment? 

Results vary from what are is being treated but can be seen from as little as 24 hours to 7 days

Can I combine Skinny Bottle with other 3D treatments? 

Yes! Adding Skinny Bottle Fat Dissolving to your Radio Frequency fat melting treatment will accelerate results, cutting time to reach your ideal shape. With Cavitation we have to tailor a course and timescales to suit you and your treatment.

Due to the technology involved treatments can not be used whilst pregnant, recently giving birth or breast feeding. Those with heart condition including a pacemaker, thrombosis or thrombophlebitis, history of cancer, diabetes or epilepsy. Those on anticoagulant medication, skin thinning medication or auto immune conditions. Further restrictions may apply and we ask that you answer our questions honestly when booking your consultation to be able to give you a first class service.

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