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This revolutionary skincare device, complete with a range of base creams and active ingredients, offers a customised skincare routine in one product. Designed with every skincare concern in mind, the innovative Lesielle device allows us to create the perfect skincare that is tailored specifically to your skin concerns – quickly and easily

It's like having a skincare laboratory at 3D Lipo Brighton allowing us to create the perfect combination, answer a few questions or by using our facial analysis service we can create the unique formula for your skin needs.... Even better you can even have the Lesielle Skin Device at home!

Just got better!

Where can I find B12?

Your body doesn’t make Vitamin B12, so it’s important to get it from a balanced diet. Beef, pork, eggs, milk, cheese and fish are all good sources of B12.

If you're vegetarian or vegan, it may be that you aren’t able to get enough B12 as you are excluding those food groups. B12 can be found in some breakfast cereals and nutritional yeasts in in supplements.

What if I do not have enough B12?

The NHS recommends adults to have at least 1.5mcg of B12 a day. This is achieved through your diet as the body can’t product B12 itself. However if you are missing out certain food groups or adapting to certain diets you may not be generating enough.


A deficiency in B12 can lead to a a variety of conditions.

benefits of Vitamin B

Which B Shot?

b12 complex

B Complex vitamins are a combination of several B vitamins that are essential for your body, including B12. However, taking B12 on its own can provide a more targeted support for certain conditions.

The benefits of getting a vitamin B complex injection are numerous. The most common vitamins used in injections are: Folic Acid, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, and Pyridoxine. Each one has its health-related purpose, from aiding heart function to improving sleep quality.

Detailing some of these vitamins help understand better their benefits and whether or not an injection is right for you. Folic acid helps with heart health by improving its function, and it can also help stave off diabetes by reducing blood sugar levels. Pyridoxine helps with mood disorders like depression, ADHD, autism, and schizophrenia.

Thiamine helps with metabolism and overall energy levels. It’s often given to people with Type 2 diabetes or those who have taken antibiotics to help them rebuild their bodies. Riboflavin is great for eye health, and it can be used as an anti-inflammatory agent to reduce stress and anxiety in your body.

Overall, it’s difficult to consume enough of these vitamins in your diet, which is why a Vitamin B complex injection is so beneficial. Combining all the basic B vitamins can help improve cardiovascular health, energy levels, stress levels, and much more!

Known Nutrition

It’s simple. To make health and beauty supplements that work and taste good. 

Discovering your best you has always been an inside job, so we created a range of delicious products that help you look and feel like the best possible version of yourself. 

Our products are a perfect blend of scientifically proven vitamins and minerals, with natural botanical extracts and backed up by our team of experts. We are committed to ensuring our supplements are not only effective and backed by science, but also delicious and a joy to take.

Because beauty should be a pleasure, not a pain.

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