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Fat Removal

وأوضح التقنيةCavitation, 3D Cryo Freeze, and 3D Body HIFU followed by treatments of Skin Tightening speed up the lymphatic process by means of Shockwave to achieve visible results even from the first treatment depending on what course you take.

Cavitation is a great way to see immediate results and depending on your figure recommend a course of cavitation before we start on other treatments as this really does break down the fat cells and the results really encourage you to start your journey.


When it comes to sculpting your body, we move onto 3D Body HIFU which created focused energy to destroy the cell and tighten the skin up to 1.3cm below the skin.

For stubborn fat we use 3D Cryo Freeze also know as Fat Freeze, if we can suck it in one of the small or large 'cups' we can freeze and destroy the fat taking you to minus 10º


Just Some Of The Areas We Can Treat

Free Food Intolerance & Sensitivty Test with selected courses at Brightonlipo

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Cavitation Ultimate Pro Web

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3D Body RF

RF Ultimate Pro Web

وقت الإجراء

3D يبو هاستينغز

Cryo Ultimate Pro Web

15-60 دقيقة


Shockwave Ultimate


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