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Skinny Bottle Fat Dissolving 40ml

Skinny Bottle Fat Dissolving 40ml


Skinny Bottle is a revolutionary new fat dissolving solution which involves quick and painless injections of its innovative formula at targeted areas of fat on the body which won’t budge despite dietary changes and exercise. Safe and non-invasive, Skinny Bottle is loved for its remarkable and rapid results with no down-time required and the addition of skin tightening.


Skinny Bottle works on areas, including:


  • Face (jawline, double chin, jowls)

  • Arms (‘bingo wings’)

  • Abdomen/Tummy & Flanks (stubborn belly fat, love handles)

  • Back fat / bra fat

  • Thighs (inner and outer thighs & 'banana' - below the bum, top of thigh)

  • Knees

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